Congratulations! Your experience on this journey through pregnancy is a joyous time for you and your family. We are sure you are excited to meet your little bundle of joy, but you may also feel unsure of what to expect during this time. Being nervous about visiting a doctor is normal, especially on your first antenatal visit. To ease your feelings of nervousness, we have outlined what to expect at your first antenatal appointment. Your partner is welcome to join in on these visits to help you feel relaxed and comfortable.

We are on the ground floor of Constantiaberg Mediclinic. On arriving at our rooms, our friendly secretary, Janine, will greet you. She will hand you a form to complete. Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete our patient information form. You may also complete an online version of our new patient form here. Ensure that you bring your medical aid card and any medical history with you.

Dr Adam will see you in her office to discuss family and medical history. She will ask about:

  • other pregnancies or children,
  • your physical and mental health 
  • any treatment or medication you have taken

This is your opportunity to ask your doctor about any concerns you have that might affect your pregnancy. Honesty and open communication are important during these visits to ensure you and your baby are well taken care of.

She will share valuable information to help you maintain your health and the health of your growing baby.

This information includes:

  • what foods to avoid,
  • exercising during pregnancy
  • which vitamins and supplements to take

You will discuss lifestyle factors, such as smoking and drinking. Dr Adam will also discuss any antenatal screening tests that may be necessary during your pregnancy.

Dr Adam will then take you through to her procedure room. For her patient’s convenience, she has a women’s toilet/change room next to her procedure room. You will change into the gowns provided for your ultrasound and will provide a urine sample for testing. She will measure your height and weight to calculate your BMI. She will also check your blood pressure and take blood if necessary for checking your general health and blood group.

When you are ready and comfortable, Dr Adam will then perform an ultrasound. Your partner is welcome to be in the room with you to get the first glimpse of your baby between 8-14 weeks. This ultrasound can:

  • estimate when your baby is due
  • check that your baby is developing well
  • screen for conditions such as Down Syndrome.

Recommended visits for non-complicated pregnancies with your obstetrician are:

  • one visit every 4 weeks during weeks 4-28 of pregnancy
  • one visit every two weeks during weeks 28-36 of pregnancy
  • one visit every week from 36 weeks till birth

Dr Adam in theatre

Dr Adam performing a cesarean section birth with one of her patients.

Patient Birth 3
Patient Birth 5
Patient Birth 2
Patient Birth 4